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Wyatt Museum

Official Web Site for all Ron Wyatt Discoveries: Ark of the Covenant, Mt. Sinai, Noah’s Ark, Red Sea Crossing, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.

Anchor Stone

First web site to discuss Ron Wyatt’s discoveries started by Bill Fry, friend of Ron Wyatt

Wyatt Archeological Research

The first web site I found discussing Ron’s discoveries.  It has not changed much over the years, however, has a great deal of material.

Archaeology Answers

Jonathan Gray’s Website, many other archeological discoveries which also include information on confirmation of Ron’s Discoveries

The Exodus Case

Supporting information for the Exodus Red Sea Crossing, Mt Sinai in Arabia (not Egypt).



Archeology: Publications

The Ark of the Covenant : The Shocking Truth, Hidden for 2000 Years

by Jonathan Gray; ISBN 0646300733

The story about the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant; documented by Jonathan Gray.

The Ark Conspiracy : The Discovery of Noah’s Ark

by Jonathan Gray; ISBN 0646159607

The story about the discovery of Noah’s Ark documented by Jonathan Gray.

Discoveries: Questions Answered

by Jonathan Gray

Many of the criticism’s leveled against Ron Wyatt’s discoveries are answered in this lengthy treatise.

The Exodus Case

by Dr. Lennart Moller

A scientific examination of the Biblical Exodus account that confirm the historical event.

The Boat Shaped Object on Dooms Day Mountain

by  Ron Wyatt

The Research and field work of Ron Wyatt on Noah’s Ark Discovery.

Please keep the following in mind as you begin your search into this topic.

Many of the claims made by Ron Wyatt and Wyatt Archeological Research have come under severe scrutiny.  It’s not until you look at the information for yourself and listen to their story, that you become convinced of the evidence.  But again, don’t take our word for it; see for yourselves.  If what they claim is true, then time is of the essence. 



Archeology: Articles

Most websites listed in the “Web Sites” section contain various articles.  We, however, wanted to provide links to that respective section or a specific article of interest.
Archeology: Questions and Answers

from Answers in Genesis

KHouse Personal Update Newsletters: Archeology

  from Koinonia House

Pre-Flood Artifacts: Discoveries in the Black Sea.

by Dr. Chuck Missler

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times1  highlighted that U.S. archaeologists have found the remains of a 7,500-year-old building more than 300 feet below the surface of the Black Sea.  This is being heralded by some as the strongest evidence yet of a catastrophic flood similar to the one portrayed in the Biblical account of Noah’s ark.

Anchor Stone Newsletters

Newsletters from Bill Fry’s Website

Ron Wyatt NewslettersWyatt Museum Newsletters

Newsletters from Ron Wyatt going back to 1992

New claim over discovery of the lost Ark of the Covenant
By David M. Bresnahan from
Archeology Updates from Anchor Stone
Archeology News from “The Quest for Biblical Treasures”


Archeology: Audio/Video

Online Ron Wyatt Videos

Online Presentation of Discoveries Videos

Biblical Archaeology: Digging Up The Truth
66/40 Radio Broadcast

Skeptics ridicule and historians mock, but the historical accuracy of the Bible continues to be confirmed by archeological finds.